Hosted VoIP

Take your business phone system to the enterprise level with our cloud-based business VoIP solution. This is the business telephony system you need to promote your company's flexibility, growth and success.


How it works

  • With Hosted VoIP, you avoid the prohibitive cost of a premises-based system by simply connecting ConnectMeVoice's business VoIP phones to your broadband internet connection.

  • Calls are routed through our carrier class facilities (the cloud), rather than your own servers, connecting your business to VoIP phones in your office, or mobile phones when you're on the go. 

  • Callers connect with you at any of your company's locations for a seamless caller experience.

  • Our cloud-based system gives you the latest features, including HD calling for superior-quality sound, and the highest level of availability with zero maintenance costs.

  • Easily customize and upgrade the system's enterprise-level features to fit your company's telecommunications needs.

  • Allow customers to send text to your company phone number.

  • Request a free 30-day trial.

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ConnectMeVoice Hosted VoIP benefits and features

Our hosted VoIP service allows your company to use the latest communications features, while saving money on your total communications costs using our per-call path pricing. 

  • Toll-free or local number

  • Support for all industry leading VoIP phones

  • Dedicated toll-free number for faxing

  • Dial-by-name directory

  • Play voicemail messages online or via email

  • Voicemail messages translated to text

  • View faxes online or via email

  • Advanced fax machine support

  • View and print call reports

  • Caller ID on all calls

  • Web administration panel

  • Unlimited extensions

  • Call screening

  • Call recording

  • Mobile client turns your Smartphone into an office phone

  • Simultaneous ringing with your desktop and Smartphone

  • Auto attendant

  • CRM integration

  • Advanced call center routing, monitoring and reporting.

  • Heads up display provides an instant view of your company's calls

  • Conference call bridges (optional)

  • Voice message drops 

  • SMS Text message can be sent to your company phone number

  • Optional Call Center package