Tailored Implementation

Customized Around Your Business Needs

When the telephony experts at ConnectMeVoice strategize which cutting-edge VoIP features to integrate into your business phone systems, they take a comprehensive and customized approach.

When it comes to deciding which phone system features to implement, there's more to it than meets the eye. The flashiest, newest and trendiest features may look and sound great, but they might not be the right ones for your business or professional service.

CMV's CustomConnections Commitment: Not only do you get the best VoIP phone system features, but you also get the right ones for your specific business telecommunications needs.

How it works

  • ConnectMeVoice allows you to select from a wide variety of phone system features and add-on functions at no additional cost.

  • If you require a feature that ConnectMeVoice does not currently offer, we'll custom-create it for you, often in less than 24 hours.

  • With ConnectMeVoice's expert programmers at your bidding, the ability to create customized features is usually limited only by your imagination.

  • CMV uses its R&D lab not only to develop new telephony technology for your organization, but also to adapt existing technology to your needs. This culminates in features and benefits that are enhanced to a unique level of effective design, personalized for your virtual phone system.

By coalescing the deep-rooted experience and expertise of our telephony engineers with your organization's data and telecommunications profile, you're guaranteed to get the best available and best-fit phone system features for your specific needs.

Click the button below for a free telephony assessment by a ConnectMeVoice telephony expert. We'll help you come to the best, most cost-effective conclusion about the phone system features you need.

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