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ConnectionRecoveryTM Call Forwarding And Routing

Anchoring Down Your Company's Connections

Mother Nature never checks in with you before knocking out your internet connection. There is no alert signal when a manmade disaster is about to threaten the productivity and stability of your business. That's why call forwarding and routing services are essential to your business continuity.

Whether natural or manmade, you can't afford to let disaster take a toll on your business telecommunications. You can't afford to lose your connections with the suppliers, clients and customers that your business depends on. With ConnectMeVoice, you don't have to worry about that.

CMV ConnectionRecovery: Stable call forwarding and call routing services to redirect your incoming calls to alternate destinations, including mobile phones, in the event of disaster. We'll even completely reconfigure your system so that downtime is either significantly minimized or eliminated altogether.

  • We make these changes to your business phone system quickly and seamlessly, facilitating timely communication with every key connection your company depends on.

  • Our own facility has redundancy solutions in place at multiple locations, so if we experience connectivity issues, you'll never even know it. And that's how it should be.

Partner with ConnectMeVoice and fight unforeseen disasters with strategic and dependable call forwarding and routing services.

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