Cost Effective

Connect4LessTM: Reducing Your Telephony Costs

With Cloud-Based VoIP Services

When you partner with ConnectMeVoice, you get more for less: more operational flexibility, more telecommunications support and more innovative connectivity solutions.

Connect4Less helps you lower your telephony costs with cutting-edge, cloud-based VoIP services. This means you're able to afford a more robust business phone system with unlimited calling at a cost equal to, or lower than, your current monthly phone expense.

Here's what you get when you connect for less with ConnectMeVoice:

  • Option to finance phone system hardware over several years

  • Replacement of traditional costs with value-added features

  • CustomConnectionsTM features at no additional cost

ConnectMeVoice doesn't operate according to the "less is more" model. When it comes to your cloud-based VoIP services, more is more... and you get it for less.

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