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ConnectMeVoice Partner Program

If you want industry-leading, custom-designed VoIP solutions for your clients and customers, ConnectMeVoice is the telecommunications partner you want to do business with.

From hosted phone system solutions to cloud-based software, products and services, ConnectMeVoice guarantees that your team gets the best in telephony training and your clients get the best in VoIP technology.

Become a ConnectMeVoice agent.

There are several ways to become successful as a CMV agent. For example, simply put a link on your site that directs to our site and we provide you with an agent code for your referrals to use. Your referrals then insert this agent code when they sign up, helping to track the sale. Agents earn a recurring commission on all monthly fees that we collect. Another option is to have us provide you with special direct links to our sign-up pages, which make the sales tracking easier for you.

Become a ConnectMeVoice authorized reseller.

ConnectMeVoice implements a flexible, powerful interface into your systems for account provisioning, custom designing features, equipment licensing programs and much more. As an authorized reseller, you are in control: How do you want this reselling partnership to work? What level of telephony training do you want for your team? With CMV, the ball is in your court.

Become a ConnectMeVoice value-added reseller.

This level of reseller partnership includes installation services, IP telephone sales, CRM product integrations and more. ConnectMeVoice offers a generous commission structure or a wholesale purchasing program, along with comprehensive training and support for your team.

The Perks Of Being A ConnectMeVoice Partner

Offer premium telephony service with SIP trunking solutions.

By becoming a reseller of our SIP Trunk Services you can enable a premise-based PBX to work with our VoIP services and cloud-based phone system solutions.

The telephony experts at ConnectMeVoice have the knowledge and experience to work with leading PBX manufacturers. Our SIP trunking solution has been rigorously road tested by partners and resellers, as well as on hefty PBX systems like those of Avaya IP Office, Toshiba and Allworx.

Offer premium telephony service with your brand on the label.

Because the ConnectMeVoice website and sign-up tools were built with advanced, customized coding, it’s simple and seamless for you to incorporate any element of our web-based service offerings into your site -- no excessive redirects or server access required to burden your team or frustrate your clients.

For example, we can integrate our fax documents or our voicemail messages into your application without making you direct your customers to the ConnectMeVoice site. Additionally, we provision services automatically so your customers don’t even have to use our sign-up tool. This allows you to offer ConnectMeVoice’s voice messaging, call reports, fax messages and other products/services as integral parts of your own branded offering.

Offer premium telephony service and get rewarded.

All existing customers enjoy the opportunity to participate in ConnectMeVoice’s referral program. To get a free month of service, simply have your referrals include either your full name or your ConnectMeVoice phone number in the notes section on their sign-up page. We then credit you for whichever amount is lower: either your next month’s service fee or the price of their plan.

Call 1-800-743-1208, ext. 3 or email for more intimate details on ConnectMeVoice’s all-inclusive, fully flexible partnership program for agents and resellers.

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